The stories in The Lovers Set Down Their Spoons first appeared in the following journals:

“The Lovers Set Down Their Spoons” was a finalist for the Machigonne Fiction Contest and published in The New Guard.

“The Chair” was published in Columbia: A Journal of Literature and Art.

“The Allure of All This” in TriQuarterly #126.

“A Seat at the Table” in TriQuarterly #121.

Correction” in Knee-Jerk.

“Women” in TriQuarterly #121.

“Octaves” in TriQuarterly #121.

Iris and the Inevitable Sorrow, or The Knock at the Door” was a finalist for The Sherwood Anderson Fiction Award at Mid-American Review and published in The Normal School.

“Silhouette” was published in the Velocity Fall Fiction issue.

“A Fulfilling Life” in Isthmus.

“Blue Door: A Collection of Passings” was nominated for a Pushcart Prize and published in Poet Lore.

Adrift” and “Storyville” was published in Ascent.

“Rescue” in Sawmill.